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There are two main ways you can catapult into the world of merchandise and we break them down for you below:


Got an idea? Rearing to go? Our team will take that idea from inside your head and make it a reality! You can go from concept to online store in absolutely no time at all.

For 500GBP, you essentially become a dropshipper of your new, unique items. You’ll have a Collections page where you’ll point your customers to. You can go a step further and register a domain name and forward it to your unique page on, so you’re branding can be tight from day one! You get a free (physical) printed item for you to wear and use to promote, by either becoming your own model and posting pics or by using it as a giveaway to help promote your venture. Designing of the garment is including in the price and consists of the placement of text in a digital format, which is then digitally placed on your choice of item. And as if that wasn’t enough, you get to add your new design onto two more items of clothing, if you desire, free of charge!

Monthly Subscription

So it’s just 12GBP per month, to keep your items live on - that’s a cool saving of around 60% off what Shopify would charge you for the launch of your own e-commerce site. You have the right to cancel at any time, as there’s no fixed subscription period.

Your Customer Orders

Your orders will be printed on demand and shipped out by us; which means no rushing to the post office for you! You’ll be emailed once a week with your weekly sales totals and all your profits will be paid to you monthly. We do not take any commission from your sales! Yup, you read that right! You keep all your profits after cost of production.


This option is popular for millennials that have the capital to invest in a bulk order, which is a great option if you plan to hold events like a pop-up experience. This option is also a popular choice for those that have their own e-commerce site and don’t mind shipping out the items themselves.

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